Why a Blog is Important

A blog is a powerful tool for promoting yourself and your business. As a popular platform for sharing your expertise, interesting ideas and opinions, your regular blog posts can boost traffic to your site with the potential for gathering new leads from a relevant demographic.

The best part of maintaining a blog is that your posts can reflect your personality! Be as professional or casual as you wish! Show photos, videos, invite feedback, social media shares and signups for future blog posts! Blogs can be a great way to grow your customer base.

Among the most compelling reasons everyone with a website should consider having a blog, here six excellent ones:

  1. You’ll drive more traffic to your site. Statistics show companies can double their traffic with daily blogging! And this greatly influences your Google ranking! Daily too much of a commitment? Reap the rewards of a weekly or monthly blog!
  2. Demonstrate your expertise in your field. If you’re a law firm, share tips and tricks for preparing a will, or starting a small business. If you’re a hair stylist, share the latest trends in hair care. If you’re a landscaper, share tips for pruning bushes, or identifying weeds. Sharing knowledge instills trust. And this makes the phone ring!
  3. Earn the trust of new clients. About 60% of customers feel more positive about contacting a company after reading their blog. Include testimonials!
  4. Find out what customers want. List your services then invite readers to share what they’re looking for to help you tailor your offerings to perhaps include a niche market of potential new customers!
  5. Promote a positive image. Share honors and awards when you or an employee receives them to demonstrate a positive work environment!
  6. Earn extra cash. Sell products or training video subscriptions on your blog, or offer advertising or affiliate marketing.

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