Do I Really Need a Logo?

Logos are an essential branding piece for every business large or small. And there is a lot of thought and imagination that goes into it’s development, including colors, fonts, uniqueness, and memorability! Following is a list of logos from successful companies. See how many companies you can identify just from the description of their logo:

  1. Golden arches
  2. Peacock
  3. Checkmark
  4. Yellow and red seashell
  5. Red bullseye
  6. Super mermaid with two tails
  7. Multi-colored “G”
  8. “Smiling” yellow arrow
  9. Blue bird
  10. Red “N”

And those are all word descriptors of a visual element! How many did you get right? (Answers below)

How about this:

when you see this font?

Or these colors?

Image result for fedex logo

Logos, along with consistent use of the same colors, fonts and placement throughout your marketing materials are part of creating your brand. What message do you want to convey? What do you want people to feel? To remember? Are you ready to put yourself on the map with a powerful new logo?

Check out the SeeQuinn Portfolio for some inspiration and contact us today for a quote!

Answer Key: 1. McDonalds 2. NBC 3. Nike 4. Shell Oil 5. Target
6. Starbucks 7. Google 8. Amazon 9. Twitter 10. Netflix

Font: Disney
Colors: FedEx